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The Real Show with Matt Duhamel

Thought-Provoking Live Interviews

The Real Show, hosted by Matt Duhamel, is a live interview show with special guests sharing thought-provoking and life-changing stories. The show is an excellent source for inspiring interviews, redemption stories, and the need for second chances.

The Real Show airs every other Wednesday at 1pm Pacific Time. Watch it live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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with Matt Duhamel

From being nominated in 2017 for a Utah Film Award for his short documentary, Life Under The Horseshoe, to covering the Sundance Film Festivals in Park City, Utah, Matt’s mission is to use his live-changing experience as a tool for encouragement. Matt motivates others even though they may face social stigma through his thought-provoking projects such as The Real Show and Solitary Nation Podcast.

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-Thought-provoking live Interviews
-Stories of perseverance and strength
-Conversational topics and good news
-Inspiring people sharing their backstories
-Your source for personal stories on redemption and second chances

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The Real Show is always looking for personal stories of perseverance, strength, and inspiration. We especially love stories that are related to second chances and social justice.

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